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"Jules is an amazing musician and teacher. I don’t know anyone else who could take a group of 10 - 13 year old kids, with virtually no musical training, teach guitar, drums, keyboard, and bass, and turn them into a band! Jules inspired and led the group to collaborate with each other, learn music theory, and write and perform their own original songs. What started as a summer activity sparked a passion and love for music that kept the band together (mentored by Jules) for seven years, taking all the kids through high school! The love and passion for music that my kids and their bandmates found with Jules is forever a part of who they are and the paths they continue to pursue as young adults." - Beth K.

Now accepting students for remote lessons!

Are your children learning remotely? Chances are they are missing out on their favorite activities; MUSIC INCLUDED!!

If you are looking for a safe way for your kids to grow in their music studies and be creative at the same time, look no further!

I teach remote music lessons for guitar, drums, bass, music theory and basic keyboard!!

If they’re already in learning pods, group lessons are also possible! AND more cost effective!

Contact me today and we can discuss options for your child to continue with their studies!

I've performed on stages around the world with R&B, pop, gospel and rock artists including Vivian Green, Avant, Mack Wilds, Bonfyre, Caroline Vreeland, the winner of The Voice Jermaine Paul, Evie Irie, Adrian Marcel, Grammy winner Timothy Bloom, Syleena Johnson and many more!

I'm a Berklee College of Music graduate and scholarship recipient. 

Fill out the questionnaire below! 



Reach out and we can talk through how best I can help you!

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