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05/11  whodat? live crew @ St Laurent asbury park NJ (8pm)
  caroline vreeland  @ private event NYC 
05/20 private event @ plainfield NJ
05/20 whodat? live crew @ Lakehouse block party asbury park nj
05/26 whodat? live crew @ the bitter end nyc  buy tickets 
05/27 whodat? live crew @ World Cafe live  philadelphia
05/28  Vivian Green stone soul festival @ concord California
05/29  psychotic submarines @ the headliner NJ (7-10pm) 
New Hope baptist church  Newark NJ (8am)
Enhance church  Newark NJ (11am)
06/04  psychotic submarines @ Donovan's reef sea bright NJ
06/07  ada pasternak studio session @ brooklyn NYC
06/08  New york edge spring arts showcase @ NYU Skirball center
06/10  marcus blackwell east orange gospel festival 
06/11  New Hope baptist church  Newark NJ (8am)
06/11  Enhance church  Newark NJ (11am)
06/14 whodat? live crew North to shore @ watermark asbury park
06/24  On the Move ent. @ The rainbow Room NYC (private event)
06/25 New Hope baptist church  Newark NJ (8am)
06/25 Enhance church  Newark NJ (11am)
06/25 Joe Stuby Band  wildlife festival @ pittstown NJ
06/30  Vivian Green  city winery NYC (2 shows)
07/02 whodat? live crew fireworks july 4th show @ Monmouth Racetrack
07/08 Vivian Green  bethesda blues & jazz supper club maryland
07/09  New Hope baptist church  Newark NJ (8am)
07/09  Enhance church  Newark NJ (11am)
07/09  psychotic submarines @ Donovan's reef sea bright NJ
07/14 Vivian Green  city winery chicago 
07/16 Vivian Green  city winery st. louis Missouri
07/19 fatherdude  album release show @ pet shop jersey city nj (8pm)
07/29-30  whodat? live crew @ philly food truck festival (3pm)
07/31  whodat? live crew @ tim mcloones asbury park nj (7pm)
08/01  whodat? live crew @ turf club  asbury park  (6pm)
 whodat? live crew @ asbury live  asbury park boardwalk (7pm)
  psychotic submarines @ Miss princess Belmar private boat cruise NJ
  New Hope baptist church  Newark NJ (8am)
08/13  Enhance church  Newark NJ (11am)
08/13  psychotic submarines @ Donovan's reef sea bright NJ
 whodat? live crew @ springwood park asbury park NJ (6pm)
  psychotic submarines @ Sunsets waterfront  neptune NJ (830pm)
 Joe Stuby Band 
 the stanhope house
08/27  Joe Stuby Band  the red mill clinton nj
09/17 whodat? live crew sea hear now festival   asbury park nj
09/17 doug winters entertainment private wedding
09/23 doug winters entertainment private wedding
10/07 doug winters entertainment private wedding
10/14 doug winters entertainment private wedding
10/18 whodat? live crew 50 years of hip hop (TBA)
11/04  Joe Stuby Band  pattenburg house nj

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